Ghost Lawsuit: Papa Emeritus and Former Nameless Ghouls Fail to Reach Settlement

  • Axl Rosenberg

As you are no doubt aware, four former Nameless Ghouls (real names: Simon Söderberg, Mauro Rubino, Henrik Palm, and Martin Hjertstedt) filed a lawsuit against Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus (real name: Tobias Forge) earlier this year for the same reasons everyone always files lawsuits in this business: they think they’re being screwed out of money. More specifically, the Nameless Ghouls allege that Forge attempted to make them “consultants” despite a previous agreement that they were all equal members, and that, furthermore, he owes them all money. Unsurprisingly, Forge’s response was basically that he had always been the primary creative and business force behind Ghost, and that none of these musicians were original members of the band but, rather, hired guns from the get-go. Also unsurprisingly, the Nameless Ghouls disagreed with Forge’s assertion.

As we’ve said many, many times here on MS before, these kinds of disputes often end up being settled out of court, because it’s easier and cheaper for all parties involved (to say nothing of the fact that no one ever wants to shares their accounting with the courts because it potentially opens a whole new can of worms). Now, a new report from Corren.se says those involved in the suit attempted — and failed — to do just that. Rubino, Söderberg, their lawyer, Michael Berg, and Forge’s lawyer, Ann-Charlotte Söderlund Björk, all attended “a so-called oral preparation in the district court” earlier this week, which didn’t go the way they all hoped it would:

“Even the former band members turned out to be interested in reaching a settlement. The negotiations were led by the court chairman and took place behind closed doors. However, after a few hours it was clear that the parties could not agree.

“Just after 15:00, the hearing was closed. It was difficult to get some more exhaustive comments from the parties. A careful interpretation is that more attempts at conciliation will occur. Any main negotiation will be held after the turn of the year.”

So maybe in another few months cooler heads will prevail and everyone will be able to reach some sort of agreement. ‘Til then, uh… yeah. Shit happens.

[via The PRP]

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