Black: Metalheads Wore it First, but Who Wore it Best at the Golden Globes?


Last night at the Golden Globes, EVERYONE wore black. Kerry Washington said why best: “Please join us in wearing black tomorrow in solidarity with men and women asking for equality, respect and meaningful change within all industries.” As I watched from my couch in my best black pajamas, I let the historical moment wash over me.

In so many ways, it is such a relentlessly dark time to be alive and seeing this sea of black at an event that is usually colorful, light and so often completely void of anything at all meaningful was so touching and exciting to me. Hearing celebrities talk about abuse and discrimination instead of who they were wearing and how hungry they were felt like a welcome tide shift and sent the message clearly that the Time is indeed Up, motherfuckers. My BFF who works in the industry felt it was kind of bullshit, as she knew looking at so many of them how much and how many knew full well about Harvey Weinstein and said nothing, did nothing. Still, to me, it felt like history in the making and the start of a new era. It is darkest before the dawn. Change is slow but it does feel like it’s coming.

Additionally! It look liked a fucking heavy metal fashion show. All black everything! I have no doubt the runways will show extra black in spring ’18 and that this summer, we’ll all be parading around in black bathing suits with black sundresses and hats. The heavy metal community will look SO HIP next season with your closets all set, already on trend! We are mourning everything we’ve lost, how far things have gone in the wrong direction and that process will be harrowing. But we are also burying the bullies and the predators and this is their long funeral, sad, chic and vengeful.

Some looks that really spoke to me:

Margot Robbie and Tonya Harding

Photos via Just Jared
Photos via Just Jared
Photos via Just Jared
Photos via Just Jared

Did you know Tonya Harding wanted to skate to heavy metal!? Her coach wouldn’t let her! She wanted to wear chipped nail polish and be her true, messy, talented self rather than fit the mold of the perfect ice skating princess.

Tonya was abused horribly, first by her mother, then by her husband, then in the grand finale for a decade by the American people. She is the perfect person to wear all black. We are sorry, Tonya. Time is Up on abusing her. Justice for Tonya! Margot, who played Tonya unbelievably well in the film I, Tonya, is wearing Gucci and looks all set to attend the black tie celebration for the Gold Medal Tonya never won.

Salma Hayek

Photo Credit: Marie Claire
Photo Credit: Marie Claire

Salma once ate a dragon heart in the film Tale of Tales. But the most metal thing she’s ever done is write a heart wrenching NY Times op-ed about the years of abuse she experienced under Harvey Weinstein, moving women everywhere with a story all too familiar to so many of us.

Her dress for the Globes is perfect for your next winter wedding, heavy metal holiday party or bringing down the career of someone who (unsuccessfully) tried to ruin yours!

Daniel Kaluuya

Photo Credit: NY Times
Photo Credit: NY Times

Best known from Black Mirror and the horror film Get Out, this guy showed up in all black looking amazing and representing an incredible and exciting film.

This is a good look that can go from the VIP lounge at the Mastodon show to the after party at Duff’s! Great for that black tie head banging session for which you had nothing to wear (until now!).

Zoe Kravitz

Photo Credit: NY Times
Photo Credit: NY Times

If I am born again, I hope it is as Zoe Kravitz. Zoe starred in Big Little Lies this year, a series I found insanely enjoyable that was also topically relevant with themes of abuse, power dynamics and the strength of women.

Zoe’s Globe look is perfect for your upcoming black metal gala or a formal wear fundraiser for Rock to the Future.


I’ll let her talk:


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