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Taake’s North American Tour: San Diego Date Cancelled


San Diego’s Brick by Brick is the latest venue to cancel a show on Taake’s “upcoming”* tour of North America.

Although the venue has not released a statement at this time, we can assume that, like the previous cancellations, this one came about as a result of pressure from Antifa, who have accused Taake frontman Hoest of being pro-Nazi and anti-Muslim. It is the eighth show on trek to be cancelled or moved to a much smaller venue, and that’s not even counting the fact that the support act, King Dude, has dropped off the bill.

As I said, we don’t know the whole story of what happened here, but some readers brought it to our attention that the Antifa protests have threatened violence action against at least some of these venues. Which is par for the course for Antifa, and won’t help their case; if anything, it’s only going to make Taake fans feel more defensive of Hoest (whether he deserves that defense or not). Send angry e-mails and social media messages all you want, guys, but try to remain civilized, for Dio’s sake.

*Cancellation of the entire trek coming in 3… 2…

Thanks: Jason S.

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