Nekrogoblikon’s New Song is Bonkers


Nekrogoblikon, the world’s #1 goblin-themed metal band, have a new song called “The Skin Thief,” and it’s undoubtedly represents their best work in a good long while, if not just their best work ever (and we’ve always liked this band). It sounds kinda like Nocturnal-era Black Dahlia Murder only with a lot of wacky synths and an extra dose of general weirdness. Which makes sense, given that Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Welcome to Bonkers, was produced by Jason Suecof, who also produced Nocturnal. But like I said, there’s an extra level of quirkiness here that you don’t generally find in BDM’s music (their videos maybe, but not their music); like, if The Black Dahlia Murder existed in the world of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, they’d be Nekrogoblikon. I’m into it.

Check out “The Skin Thief” below. Welcome to Bonkers comes out April 13. Pre-order it here.

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