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That Time Shaun Got Drunk and Filmed a Music Video with His Cat


The above video appeared on YouTube yesterday with the following description:

Shaun got drunk and made a video with his cat Bill Murray. He doesn’t know we’re posting this. If you found it, good for you. Now spread it until he notices.

I’ve never encountered a cat with as much patience as “Bill Murray” (great cat name!), but bless his little heart for putting up with Shaun and his excellent beard for over 3 minutes. Bill Murray utters a siqq meow @ 1:28 and another one at 1:50.

The song’s pretty good too, chock full o’ ’90s Swedish influence. In case anyone is curious, the band is called Give Zombies the Vote and they’ve got a new album out now called Dominions, produced by Devildriver guitarist Michael Spreitzer. Listen to more here.


Thanks: Rob L.

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