Cave In Share Video Footage of Complete Tribute Set to Caleb Scofield at Roadburn Festival


Cave In co-guitarists Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath performed a special tribute set to the late Caleb Scofield at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands in April, the first of three such events. The second took place just last week in the band’s hometown of Boston, while the third is planned for Los Angeles in October (and features a reunited Isis). Footage of that performance — which featured just the two guitarists playing an acoustic set — is now available to watch in full.

I had the privilege and honor of attending the Boston show last week, and it was every bit as emotional and powerful as one might imagine. Watching the footage from Roadburn — which was the FIRST performance following Caleb’s death and must’ve been extra charged and cathartic for that reason — brings me right back there and then some. Chills.

Caleb’s family is still accepting contributions to help out in the wake of his death; you can donate here.

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