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Vreid Are Performing Some “Black Rites In The Black Nights”


As far as weirdo black metal bands go, Vreid are one of my favorites. It’s partly because they’re so catchy, and partly because they’re so weird–you can never tell exactly what sound you’re going to get from Vreid on any given album. Is it poppy thrash Vreid? Is it militant pagan Vreid? Who knows!

This time around, Vreid are going hard on the black metal vibe with their new track, “Black Rites In The Black Nights.” Yes, the title rhymes, and yes, that’s a little more Dr. Seuss than it is Dr. Faustus…but the track is such a big, lumbering forest beast of a song that I’m willing to forgive it.


Perform the “Black Rites In The Black Nights” with Vreid below. The band’s new album, Lifehunger, drops September 28th.

[via Blabbermouth]

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