Important Ghost Update: Tobias Forge Misses Having a Pope In Charge


It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates on metal’s favorite publicity mastermind, but fear not, for Tobias Forge is here to tell us what’s good in the world of Ghost. He’s hinted at a new record on the way next year, as well as a possible live video release if everything falls into place.

In an interview with KLAQ Radio (stream below), Forge has also expressed his determination in getting Ghost to headline arena tours — a lofty goal, but certainly not unattainable for the band. They’ll be playing two arenas on their current tour, in NYC and L.A., so hit up one if those shows if you want a taste of what’s in store. Their relatively accessible music and over-the-top stage production make for a show that’s worthy of an arena-sized audience, and the bigger venue would allow the means for even crazier production than the smaller scale tours can provide:

“A lot of the things that we are doing, or not doing, is definitely dictated by monetary means. And that is also why I am constantly working towards coming to a point where we could basically guarantee any audience that we will put on the same show anywhere […] One thing that we cannot do in most of these theaters and that’s why we’re not doing it on a regular, every-night basis is pyro. Which is something that really annoys the shit out of me, because I really love doing pyro. It really works, it’s really good for the vibe, and we can’t do that in most theaters […] That’s the beauty of arenas — you have the space, and you can rig everything and you can blow stuff up; big concrete floor. It’s usually not as charming as an old theater, but the show will be better.”

Now, the impending arena tours are dope and all that, but I know the real reason you’re reading this is because you’re unbearably curious about the latest development in Ghost lore — it is the most engaging story of the century, after all. Forge noted that while a Pope is still technically in charge of things, Cardinal Copia is set to take the throne in due time:

“One thing that I’m looking forward to is having a pope back in the lead,” he said. “Technically, we do have… Because Cardinal Copia is not the leader yet; he’s working his way up. And I’m definitely also looking forward to him possibly becoming the real deal. I also miss the skull-painted pope figure… I’m okay with the Cardinal — I think he’s cool — and I guess that’s the idea when you have a protagonist villain; he’s a lot of those things that you’re not, and I regard him the same way — he is a lot of the things that I guess I wish I was… We differ quite a lot, him and I. But I’m definitely looking forward to, in the future, where he could also have his additional papal robes. And I think that, given the right production setting, there’s definitely a lot of things that we can do that will be even more theatrical, more gags and more things changing. That’s also the part that sometimes is a little bit hard working with a two-hour show — to try to get the stage to appear in different ways. So there’s a lot of things like that that I’m looking forward to exploring in the future. You’ll see.”

So there you have it. Cardinal Copia needs to get his bitchass in gear so we can see what’s in store for Ghost’s future. In the meantime, speculate away in the comments.

Ghost Tour Dates:

11/13 Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento Community Center Theater
11/15 San Jose, CA @ City National Civic Center
11/16 Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
11/17 Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
11/19 Midland, TX @ Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center
11/20 Austin, TX @ Bass Concert Hall
11/21 New Orleans, LA @ Orpheum Theatre
11/23 Orlando, FL @ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts – Walt Disney Theater
11/24 Miami Beach, FL @ The Fillmore at Jackie Gleason Theater
11/25 Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
11/27 North Charleston, SC @ North Charleston Performing Arts Center
11/29 Mobile, AL @ Saenger Theatre
11/30 Atlanta, GA @ Roxy Theatre
12/1 Jacksonville, FL @ Florida Theatre
12/2 Charlotte, NC @ Ovens Auditorium
12/4 Richmond, VA @ Dominion Energy Center
12/5 Wilkes-Barre, PA @ F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
12/7 Laval, QC @ Place Bell
12/8 Toronto, ON @ Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
12/10 Baltimore, MD @ The Hippodrome
12/11 Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theater
12/13 Albany, NY @ Palace Theatre
12/14 Boston, MA @ Wang Theatre
12/15 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center

[via Blabbermouth]

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