Lamb of God Will Be in the Studio This Spring and Summer


Lamb of God have a busy spring — they’ll be out on the road in the U.S. with Slayer (again) as part of the latter’s neverending farewell tour, and guitarist Mark Morton is currently out gigging his solo album — but other than that, it’s shaping up to be a fairly chill year for the outfit. There’s no such thing as a truly chill year in metal, though, so Lamb of God are planning to take advantage of their down time by working on new music, according to Morton.

An important distinction to be made here is that it’s not clear exactly what Morton means by “we’ll be in the studio:” in their rehearsal studio continuing to write, refine and record demos, or in the recording studio laying down finished tracks for an album.

Here’s the quote via The Metal Teddy Bear Experience:

“We are writing too. We got a bunch of new material, a whole lotta new song ideas we’re sifting through. Pretty far along in the song-writing process for the new album, not finished but pretty far along. Touring coming up, we got a start of tour with Slayer in May and then we’re going to Europe in June and July and then… we’ll be in the studio before that and after that, so it’s cranking.”

Like I said… plenty of ambiguity there. Either way, new Lamb of God’s a-comin’, although the earliest we’d get to hear any of it is late 2019.

Meanwhile you can find Randy Blythe organizing kazoo parties to counter the Westboro Baptist Church.

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