Pollute Your Ears with October Tide’s ” I, the Polluter”


Is it just me, or does the phrase “In Splendor Below” sound like a highly-poetic way of describing an orgasm? When Swedish melodeath-doom act October Tide decided to bestow that name upon their new album, I’m assuming they intended it to conjur images of literal Hell, not proverbial Heaven.

Still, I think my friendlier interpretation of the title is valid. After all, the first single, “I, the Polluter,” made me jizz my drawers.

Actually, come to think of it, maybe that’s what they meant by “Polluter.” Hm.

ANYWAY, the song is awesome, and I’m guessing the album will be awesome, too. October Tide,whose ranks include former Katatonia guitarists Katatonia members Fredrik (guitar) and Mattias (bass) Norrman, make great feel good-feel bad music — yeah, it’s aggro and metal as fuck, but it’s also highly pleasing to the ear and fun to listen to. I’ve compared them to Daylight Dies and Mar de Grises in the past, and I stand by that comparison.

Sound appealing? Of course it does! So scroll down and stream “I, the Polluter.”In Splendor Belowhere comes out May 17 on Agonia. Pre-order it .

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