Beheaded’s “a Greater Terror” Is Terrifying(ly Heavy)


Malta’s Beheaded are by no means a new band, but they’ve never really been on my radar before. There’s only so many hours in a day and unfortunately I sometimes have to stop listening to metal for a few hours to do things like sleep, and I guess none my friends were ever like, “Dude, you MUST check out this band!” or whatever. I listened to their new single, “A Greater Terror,” based solely on the absolutely dreary and disgusting artwork for their new album, Only Death Can Save You, which was painted by Daniel Corcuero (Nekronikon).

And this is one of metal’s great joys: you will never run out of bands to newly discover, even if they’re not new.

Because “A Greater Terror” is fucking rad, dude. It is a hurricane of buzzsaws, infected needles, and steamrollers, the kind of song that will shake shit off your shelves and smash that shit into a thousand tiny pieces on the floor. Getting clobbered with a brick would be a gentler experience.

But it’s also not just sheer, unrelenting heaviness for its own sake. Which is to say, it’s also a well-written song. So it’s basically just all-around great.

Crank “A Greater Terror” below. Only Death Can Save You comes out June 14 on Agonia Records. Pre-orders are here. European readers: Beheaded have some live dates coming up, too. Get those at the bottom of this post!

Beheaded Live Dates
Summer 2019: EU tour with Incantation and Hate (dates TBA)
06.07.2019: Bäckerberg in Scharnstein @ Sick Midsummer Festival, AT
15.08.2019: Barth @ Barther Metal Open Air, DE
17.08.2019: St-Nolf @ Motocultor Festival, FR

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