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Gorgoroth Adult Coloring Book: Now a Thing


Metal-themed adult coloring books aren’t exactly new. Life of Agony’s Alan Robert has made a series of ’em (although those are more about morbid imagery than any actual metal artists), Mastodon’s Emperor of Sand vinyl doubled as one, and there’s even one devoted to metal cats. Still, this may take the cake: an entire adult coloring book devoted to Gorgoroth. No. Really. Look:

So now if you’ve ever looked at Gorgoroth’s corpse paint and thought  “Gee, that could use a splash of color!”, you can go nuts. I’m sure the band would totally have a sense of humor about this, too, because if there’s one thing I know about European black metal bands, it’s that they never take themselves too seriously.

You can buy the book here for just ten bucks. Personally, I’m holding out for the pornogrind album cover coloring book.

Thanks: Corey M.

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