• Axl Rosenberg

I guess it’s just a Sevendust kinda week…

CLINT LOWERY JOINS KORN; Dark New Day Fans WeepKorn has announced that ex-Sevendust axeman Clint Lowery will be their new touring guitarist, replacing former Otep guitarist Rob Patterson. Lowery will make his debut on Thursday’s (March 1) Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

We’re big Lowery supporters here at Metal Sucks, and I hope they let the poor dude stand on stage with the rest of the band (Patterson was often made to either play off-stage so the audience couldn’t see him or wear a stupid mask). This turn of events begs two questions:

i) What the hell is happening to Korn? With drummer David Silveria “on hiatus” (call me cynical, but I expect a permanent departure soon) they’re down to three original members and a weird back-up band of dudes dressed up like the creatures on the cover of the band’s last album, the abysmal See You on the Other Side; now they can’t even hold onto their touring group.

ii) What does this mean for the future of Lowery’s real band, Dark New Day? Lowery left Sevendust rather suddenly a few years back to hook up with his brother, Corey, and concentrate on this new band; they put one pretty good (and very Sevendustish) album, then basically re-released that album as an acoustic disc; neither offering sold very well, and now Lowery is off to tour with Korn for God knows how long. Is this the end of Dark New Day? And, if so- with all due to respect to Sonny Mayo- shouldn’t Lowery really just be making nice with the Sevendust dudes?


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