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tyler_mane1.jpgNo doubt about it: Rob Zombie is a genuinely gifted filmmaker. Sure, his first film, House of 1,000 Corpses, was a little campy, but it’s sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, was an all around well-made movie with fascinating characters that somehow managed to crib from both 70’s road flicks and Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style torture-porn.

Now he’s “reimagined” (read: re-made) John Carpenter’s classic slasher flick Halloween, and fans who ventured out to see Grindhouse this weekend (and if the box office numbers are any indication, there weren’t many of you- you must’ve all been too busy seeing Are We Done Yet? or Ghostrider or Wild Hogs or whatever piece of shit passes for cinema these days) got a taste of the trailer, and now the great debate about whether or not this is a total waste of time can begin in earnest.

While it certainly SEEMS blasphemous to keep re-making these great movies that aren’t even that old (Halloween, in case you live under a rock, more or less built on Hitchcock’s Psycho to create the genre that gave us everything from A Nightmare on Elm St. to Friday the 13th to Scream), Zombie’s take on the material seems potentially interesting: he’s going to delve much deeper into the psychology of the deranged, William Shatner-masked serial killer Michael Myers, who has a penchant for dismembering nubile teens on the titular holiday. That could end up being really dumb (see Hannibal Rising– or, better yet, don’t), but in the original flick when Myers’ shrink, Dr. Loomis (A Clockwork Orange‘s Malcolm McDowell assumes the role originated by Donald Pleasance), talks about how, even as a child, Myers was pure evil, well- I, for one, have always wanted to see that concept more fully dramatized.

Watch the trailer here.


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