• Axl Rosenberg

thumb.jpegTrivium had the metal world eating out of their hands and declaring them the new Metallica after their breakthrough, Ascendancy. Then they took the hype too literally and went and recorded The Crusade, an album on which they sound so much like Metallica it still kinda spooks me. Even though it’s a good album and has already sold 100,000 copies, the fans are, kind of understandably, torn on whether or not they really want Trivium to be Metallica (as opposed to just being like Metallica.). Well, now lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu recently told Roadrunner U.K.:

The Crusade we didn’t have as much time to make as we had on Ascendancy… only a few weeks. But the next record we are scheduling a lot more time to make it to really have the time to make a great record.”

In other words: we’re supposed to believe that The Crusade sounds like Metallica because the band didn’t have the time figure out their own shit, and the next album will be the true follow-up to Ascendancy.

Hey! Now Trivium are like Metallica in another way: they keep bullshitting the fans that the next album will really be the shit!


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