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5727828fd7a0777ca88b1110_aa240_l.jpgMEGADETH, COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION

Before Dave Mustaine inevitably embarrasses himself next month with the release of United Abominations (please, Dave, make me eat my words, PLEASE), let’s take a moment to remember why we hold the man in such high regard in the first place: Countdown is arguably the last good album Megadeth ever made (I admit it- I like Youthanasia), and certainly one of the best: “Skin O’ My Teeth.” “Foreclosure of a Dream.” “Sweating Bullets.” “Ashes in Your Mouth.” And, of course, “Symphony of Destruction.” This album is a just a heandbangin’ blast from start to finish. The slogan for the disc’s ad campaign, you may remember, was “Proof that the Meek Shall Not Inherit the Earth,” and even if it did mark Mustaine’s continued need to follow Metallica however blindly (shorter, slicker songs, putting what appears to be the old man from the “Unforgiven” video on the cover art), it was basically true: fifteen years later, this album still hasn’t lost its edge. Marty Friedman’s solos never sounded better, and Mustaine’s vocals sound positively psychotic, the way you imagine the voice of some dude who keeps you locked in his basement while he subjects you to psychological torture might sound (close your eyes and tell me you can’t just picture Mustaine’s crooked smile when you hear his voice). Bonus: it features the phrase “black toothed grin,” which Dimebag Darrell liked so much that he decided to use it as the name of his favorite drink (two shots of whiskey with a splash of Coca-Cola, for those of you drinking along at home). This album OWNS.


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