• Axl Rosenberg

illnino-band.jpgLast year, the powers-that-be at Roadrunner Records came to their senses and dropped Ill Niño, a nu-metal band notable mostly for singing half their songs in Spanish (they have a drummer and a guy who plays the conga… seriously). But apparently even their Spanish blows goats, because while “El Niño” means “the baby,” sticking the ebonicular “ill” at the front just makes the band name ridiculously stupid.

ANYWAY, now the group is getting ready to release their new album, Enigma, on July 17 through Cement Shoes Records, which is a label I’m totally unfamiliar with and who have on their roster exactly one other band I’ve ever heard of, the overhyped industrial act Godhead (I once saw Godhead and Cold open for Marilyn Manson, and it was like the two bands were competing to see who could be more boring and cliché-ridden. Cold won, but only because Godhead did a not-as-awful-as-you’d-imagine cover of “Eleanor Rigby.”)

If anyone still gives two shits about this band, they’ve posted a new song, “Alibi of Tyrants,” on their MySpace page. It sounds exactly like every other Ill Niño song I’ve ever heard.


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