Sonic SyndicateA couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about some new up and coming Swedish (or Swedish influenced) melodic death metal bands, one of which was SONIC SYNDICATE. I heard a couple of older tracks and they sounded pretty Gothenburg-esque so I figured why not give these guys a boost and post a link?

Then they had to go and release a new song and a new video. Now here’s the thing about Sonic Syndicate; this isn’t a Swedish band simply taking influence from In Flames, Soilwork and other Swedish melodic death metal greats, the way Scar Symmetry has successfully done in the past couple of years. No, Sonic Syndicate has taken things one step further; they are a Swedish band copying American metalcore copying Swedish melodic death. A copy of a copy of the original. I mean, the dudes are from Sweden, so why bother borrowing half-assed versions of Killswitch Engage riffs when you could go straight to the source by walking down the block? And what’s with the emo makeup and haircuts? Metalheads are never going to fall for this shit, so Nuclear Blast better have something else up their sleeves; Warped Tour anyone?

Hmmm… Suck Syndicate? Nah. Sonic Suckicate? Too hard to pronounce. Sonic Syndisuck? THERE we go!


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