Meet Ironbunny, the New Babymetal


If I were a member of Babymetal, I’m not sure whether I’d be flattered or insulted by the existence of the Japanese girl group / metal band Ironbunny.

First, the differences: Ironbunny boast a cyborg-like guitarist dressed up head-to-toe in body armor, a focal point of the band alongside the three singers/dancers. Ironbunny’s music also seems a tad more straight-forward and less shreddy/aggressive than Babymetal’s. And Ironbunny’s debut EP has some very special guests on board: Warren DeMartini, Doug Aldrich and George Lynch.

Otherwise, the formula is pretty much the same. Not that that’s a bad thing. You all know I love Babymetal, and I’m into this too! The connection between the two Japanese acts runs even deeper: Kotono, Ironbunny’s lead singer, was one of the “Chosen Seven” tapped to fill in for Yuimetal when she departed Babymetal last year.

In conclusion, I suppose I’d be flattered: it’s crazy this format is now a thing that is being replicated to achieve success.

Check out Ironbunny’s “23 – twenty three” below. You’re bopping.

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