Megadeth - United AbominationsWhen my good friend Vince Neilstein asked me to review the new Megadeth record for MetalSucks.Net, I was pretty fucking stoked to say the least. Now, one has to understand that someone telling me that a new Megadeth record is coming out is the equivalent of being at the bar, and someone “surprising” you by telling you that your ex is showing up. You’re not really sure what to expect, what might happen, and things have been, well, weird for a few years. I haven’t really dug a Megadeth album since Youthanasia, and even that album was hard to dig. See, I’m all about artists “extending their musical outlook” and all that hippie shit, but put it out under another name or something. Don’t tarnish your legacy.

Now I explain all of this to you, because it’s important for the true metal warriors out there to understand where I’m coming from; because like you, I went into this album hoping for the best but honestly expecting a disaster. But straight up, this is a call to all Brothers of Metal and Sisters of Steel, DAVE IS FUCKING BACK!!!!!! The album opens with two shredders that will peel your face off if played at maximum volume. Positively the best riffage to come out under the Megadeth banner since Rust In Peace.

The album as a whole sounds as if it could be the album that logically fits between Rust In Peace and Countdown to Extinction. Now, I know that’s what we were promised the last go-round with The System Has Failed, but I assure you rivet-heads, this shit is metal as fuck! Half of the songs represent Megadeth at their best. Intricate, intelligent metal that isn’t afraid to break the barriers of traditional songwriting. The other half of the album represents Megadeth at their commercial best, writing catchy songs while not forgetting the metal roots and unafraid to throw some rad fucking riffs into the mix.

Guitar solos flail away, the drumming rivals Nick Menza’s better days, and the distinct bass playing isn’t afraid to shy away from usual metal standards. The band that Mustaine has assembled includes brothers Glen and Shawn Drover (who underground metal fans might recognize from the band EIDOLON) on guitar and drums respectively, and James Lomenzo (who you might recognize from WHITE LION) on bass. The time these guys spent on the road is time well spent because Mustaine manages to pull the tightest performance possible out of these guys. They sound as if they’ve been together for years, though Glen Drover sticks out the most with his flashy and unique fretwork.

I’m happy with this album. Grips, well, yeah, there’s a few. I’m interested to see the reaction to some of the lyrics on this release as Dave spends most of the album speaking of the New World Order. Which is nothing new from him. Dave has been singing about this shit since Countdown. I’ve read a few interviews and Dave seems like an asshole nowadays, but when hasn’t he been? Who cares? The dude fuckin’ rips. He’s not as bad as Ted Nugent. The biggest bummer about this record is the remake of “A Tout Le Monde” featuring Cristina Scabbia from LACUNA COIL. It’s fucking lame. Mr. Mustaine, I don’t understand why you keep remaking your own songs. It’s cheesy. I think he’s just trying to bang Scabbia, but that’s like having to listen your friend’s girlfriend’s crappy music in a car ride because he’s trying to keep on her good side. Regardless of the mistake known as “A Tout Le Monde,” United Abomination is a solid fucking metal record. Get this shit as soon as possible!!! You won’t be sorry. ‘Til next time…

– Joey V.

(four and a half out of five horns)

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