• Axl Rosenberg

ston_cwm-speced-cvr.gifI’m all for capitalism, but really: Roadrunner has got to break their habit of putting out “special editions” of their albums less than a year after the original release. These new versions of the CD (the latest of which is Stone Sour’s Come What(ever) May, pictured right) usually feature a second disc with b-sides and/or demos and/or live performances and/or a DVD of some sort; obviously, the intention of these re-releases is both to make the package more attractive to potential buyers and give hardcore completists a reason to spend their money on an album they’ve already purchased.

When it’s truly warranted, “special features” on a classic album- as on a DVD of your favorite movie- can be pretty cool (can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t wanna hear some outtakes from the Master of Puppets sessions?). And I give Roadrunner credit for often making the additional material avail for legal download on iTunes so one doesn’t necessarily have to buy the entire album all over again (obviously, if you want the accompanying DVD, you’re on your own). But Roadrunner has made these double-dips such a regular part of their release schedule, it makes buying the album upon its initial release (as opposed to downloading it illegally) seem like a real waste of cash. Why should I buy The Blackening or Daylight Dies or The Last Kind Words now when they’re just gonna be re-released in seven or eight months with extra material on them?


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