Apparently last week’s hack by Whizz0 wasn’t enough — a group calling themselves the Corum Hack Team, apparently from Turkey, have hacked Metal Sludge over the weekend. A MetalSucks.net tipster first reported the hack Saturday afternoon. An image of a gold medallion reading “C-H-T Group Underground * Turkiye” is centered on the page above text that reads “Corum Hack Team,” and an mp3 of middle eastern sounding music with spoken words in a foreign language, presumably Turkish, plays when the page loads. In the window title bar “You DieD” and “LoGoN” (of the Corum Hack Team) are credited as having performed the hacks.

My question is this: who on earth cares so much about hacking Metal Sludge? I mean, really — what gives? Perhaps Steven Adler or Anthony “Fog Man” Focx have commissioned hackers to right the wrongs that Sludge has doled upon them in the past? Maybe a bunch of angry L.A. Guns fans are tired of the endless jokes? Did Tuff’s Stevie Rachelle shtup someone’s girlfriend?

Is this the end of Metal Sludge?


Metal Sludge hacked AGAIN!

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