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Late but not forgotten. This week’s big debut comes from Bon Jovi at the #1 spot, Lifehouse at #14 (remember those guys?), and Papa Roach making an inexplicable jump back into the Top 100. Other recurrents in the Top 100 include Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Three Days Grace, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, Breaking Benjamin, and Buckcherry. Soundscan chart positions and sales numbers for the week ending June 26, 2007, with our own commentary, after the jump.

#1: Bon Jovi, Lost Highway
This week: 291,532 (debut)

Let the controversy begin. Is this country album even worthy of being included on a metal site? Was Bon Jovi ever metal? Does my mom, the biggest Jon Bon Jovi fan ever, give a shit what the music sounds like?

#6: Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight
This Week: 63,144
Cume: 1,188,321

Laughing all the way to the bank.

#14: Lifehouse, Who We Are
This Week: 48,698 (debut)

Housewives across the Midwest are jumping for joy.

#35: Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris
This Week: 21,458
Cume: 73,095

A lesson in why “street cred” is meaningless. They better hope they can make some money on the road.

#41: Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me
This Week: 18,926
Cume: 137,663

All the fans have bought the record already; now what?

#46: Ozzy Osbourne, Black Rain
This Week: 17,153
Cume: 276,727

I can just see Zakk Wylde counting the pennies… “10 cents a record… times 276,727… that’s 1300 bottles of Jack!”

#61: Papa Roach, Paramour Sessions
This Week: 12,053
Cume: 266,636

This one jumped all the way from #133 last week. Anyone care to share with us what happened? Did a sex tape of Jacoby Shaddix fucking some dumb bimbo leak on the Interhole?

#73: Three Days Grace, One-X
This Week: 9,685
Cume: 774,709

Proving that mediocre alterna-metal is still a completely viable format.

#83: Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero
This Week: 8,915
Cume: 387,378

#93: Rush, Snakes & Arrows
This Week: 8,086
Cume: 187,439

#96: Breaking Benjamin, Phobia
This Week: 7,939
Cume: 674,957

See #73.

#98: Buckcherry, 15
This Week: 7,840
Cume: 757,958

Hard to believe this was first released independently.

Hanging on by a thread:

  • #101: Dream Theater, Systematic Chaos (Cume: 55,492)
  • #104: Poison, Poison’D! (Cume: 39,740)
  • #129: Bon Jovi, Have A Nice Day (Cume: 1,443,636)
  • #144: Incubus, Light Grenades (Cume: 613,235)
  • #146: Hellyeah, Hellyeah (Cume: 126,562)
  • #158: Tomahawk, Anonymous (Cume: 4,954 (debut))
  • #160: Megadeth, United Abominations (Cume: 101,287)
  • #169: Tool, 10,000 Days (Cume: 1,513,738)
  • #172: Bullet for my Valentine, The Poison (Cume: 284,219)
  • #188: Disturbed, Ten Thousand Fists (Cume: 1,438,387)


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