Victory RecordsVictory Records president Tony Brummel has long been known as an Asshole with a capital “A”… but this is the icing on the cake, a tell-all confession from former Victory employee Ramsey Dean. It includes jaw-dropping confessions such as this:

Royalties were payable quarterly and, before each quarter ended, I’d get the amounts, totaling into millions of dollars, that were to be dumped into bogus marketing programs to prevent the band from getting a royalty. It was nothing short of malicious. “Fuck those guys, they’re not entitled to that money,” was his quarterly lament. The royalties, which ranged into hundreds of thousands of dollars, would be calculated and I’d get the amounts I’d need to spend. The last quarter I was there he laid $360,000 of Taking Back Sunday’s money on me. I couldn’t even find enough places to dump it: television advertising, print ads, sale pricing, endcaps, and then we’d play around with dating to try and make it stick, but sometimes even that didn’t purge it all.

Click here for the entire letter. It’s long, but a shocking glimpse into this corrupt industry that you all should read.

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