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France’s Got Talent, too: Beautiful French Girl Performs Heavy Metal Song on TV


UPDATE, 2:18pm: The song she’s singing is “Emma 0” by Sybreed.

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Like many countries around the world, France has got their own waste of time version of the popular American Idol / America’s Got Talent / X Factor television show format called Incroyable Talent. The show’s latest contestant: Rachel La Voix D’Homme, metal vocalist extraordinaire. Rachel sings guest vocals on a track called “Fireblast” by the French metal band Kerion, and that’s exactly what she performed live on the show. Watch:

Not only is Rachel a damn fine vocalist, but I’m shocked at how long the judges let her perform… and furthermore, that two out of the three of them gave her the seal of approval! It’s somewhat amazing Rachel was ever cleared to go on air in the first place, but I’d wager that the show’s producers thought William Hung Syndrome would be in full effect… and they were right.

The audience members’ reactions are even more entertaining than the performance itself. Everyone is either appalled or laughing, except this guy at 1:05:


Thanks: Sergio S. and Christopher A.

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