• Axl Rosenberg

1094d005cthadamdutkiewicz.jpgPoor Adam Dutkiewicz. He’s gotta be one the most brilliant metal minds of his generation, but his constant back problems have plagued him once again, and now, for the umpteenth time since Killswitch Engage started touring in support of their latest release, As Daylight Dies, he’s been forced to go home and concentrate on his health while a replacement guitarist – in this case, his guitar tech – handles his own axe slinging duties for the band’s live show.

We have to imagine that no one is more pissed by this turn of events than Adam D. himself, and we wish him all the best – but at this point, I gotta be honest, I’m more than a little worried that Adam’s days as a full-time member of KsE are numbered. It’s hard to imagine him ever leaving the band altogether – I mean, he produces all their albums and has written the majority of their material – but I wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later we learn he’s going to stay on ONLY as the band’s producer/musical collaborator, while they hire someone else to play live shows full-time. That might be an okay compromise, but it’d be sad nonetheless – Adam D. has gotta be one of the best live performers in metal right now.

Hold onto those (Set This) World Ablaze DVDs, everyone – they may soon be our only document of Adam D. as a touring memeber of KsE.


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