ThriceTiming is a funny thing. Just yesterday I listened to both The Artist in the Ambulance and Vheissu in their entirety on my iPod, to and from work (respectively), and I got to wondering; what the fuck is Thrice up to and when is a new album coming out? Rumors and small press pieces had suggested the band was working on an ambitious four-part concept series encompassing the four basic elements, but things have been mostly mum on the Thrice front. Well, today Lambgoat issued an update on the band revealing a release date for a new album and more exciting news. Details after the jump.

Lambgoat reports that the band has set an October 16 release date for The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II – Fire & Water, with The Alchemy Index: Vols. III & IV – Earth & Air to follow in Spring 2008. The article also reports that the band has inked a deal with Vagrant after parting ways with Island Records earlier this year.

This is great news. The progression of Thrice’s music from album to album has been remarkable, almost Radiohead-esque in its constant change, and it’s hard to imagine that Island would’ve been happy with anything Thrice put to record (the A&R guy must have crapped his pants when he heard Vheissu). This is one album I am really, really looking forward to this fall.


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