Iron SteelBlabbermouth reports: Iron Steel — the new “comedy metal” project featuring Frederic Leclercq from Dragonforce and vocalist/photographer Fran Strine — has announced plans to release two more songs via its MySpace page. The first track, “Pie Eater”, features a guitar solo by Herman Li and a “keytar” solo by Vadim Pruzhanov. Playing bass on the recording is Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan. “Pie Eater” is said to be “about the groupies that go backstage and eat all the food and drink all the booze but never put out.”

Says Frederic: “Since I was born I knew that my life was to play metal… not sissy metal. Like many do, but metal for men, dealing with whores, blood and pain. I play in different bands to have fun and to share my knowledge of the perfect metal. Then I met Fran Strine at a record shop and we immediately connected about how we love chains and spikes and how we disrespect weakness and all things non-metal.”

“We decided to gather our hate and our force to give birth to the metal monster people have been waiting for so long. IRON STEEL WAS BORN! We have tons of famous people jamming with us because they have no other choice then bowing down before us. I’d do the same if I wasn’t me. They’re not part of the band for they are not worth it; we see them as minions, if you prefer. They’re here only to serve us and spread the word among mortal Insects like you. With all the units we sold with ATTACK I’m rich as fuck, still hot metal is flowing in my veins. I still worship Satan and will be fucking evil until I die and meet the master! FUCK OFF AND HAIL SATAN!”

Also posted on Iron Steel’s MySpace page is their previous smash hit “Attack,” featuring Patrick Lachman (Damageplan, Killswitch Engage), Herman Li (Dragonforce), Sam Totman (Dragonforce), Zach Strine, Jim LaMarca (Chimaira), Z.P. Theart (Dragonforce), Vadim Pruzhanov (Dragonforce), Mark Hunter (Chimaira), Matt DeVries (Chimaira), and Andols Herrick (Chimaira).


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