• Axl Rosenberg

sevendust.jpgWe like Sevendust around here. In fact, there’s a pretty strong argument to be made that they’re the only good nu metal band pretty much ever. And I think it’s a real testament to how hard they work that not only have they outlived most of their peers, but have actually managed to stay cool enough to marry women hotter than the ones they were married to when they were in their prime (for now, we’ll define “prime” as “had their videos played on MTV’s Return of the Rock.”)

Still, you gotta wonder why the fuck they’re releasing Retrospective 2 on December 11, as The Gauntlet reports. I don’t know if this is part of some contractual obligation to their old label TVT (whose relationships with Nine Inch Nails and 7D would seem to place them squarely in the Victory Records/”Indie Labels Can Screw the Artist as Hard as Major Labels” category), or if the band feel that another greatest hits package will fuel ticket sales for their upcoming tour – but since the band have released six studio albums in ten years, you have to wonder what’s left to put on their second “greatest hits” package since 2005.

ANYWAY, the album will apparently feature another trio of “previously unreleased material,” which, of course, is just code for “songs that weren’t good enough to make the final cut of the album the first time we released it.” Of course, all Sevendust songs sound pretty much the same, so they might actually be kind of okay.


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