So we finally got to see melodic death doomers Insomnium live last night, during their first trip to the U.S. alongside fellow Finns Swallow the Sun (a band we were heretofore unfamiliar with but turned out to be undeniably orgasm inducing), and Swedes Scar Symmetry (who were wwwaaaayyy better than when we saw them earlier this year, thanks largely to the fact that they didn’t have shitty sound this time out) and Katatonia (who I didn’t stick around for – maybe Vince can add a few words about their show).

I don’t have much to say about the experience other than how completely fucking relieved I am that this band kicks as much major ass live as they do on their albums. Someone in the group with us commented that it’s truly amazing how the band is so fucking heavy and yet so totally melodic – “soothing” I think was the word they used – at the same time. There’s definitely a formula to this band’s music, and that formula makes nothing but endless amounts of awesome. Do not, under any circumstances, pass up the chance to catch this band when they come anywhere with driving distance of you.

For any of you still not familiar with this incredible band, here’s their video for “Mortal Share” from their 2006 release, Above the Weeping World:

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