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adlersappetitemurcia17022006.jpgI know that Steven Adler is allegedly sober these days, but clearly, that’s not the case. I mean, if he’s not high, how else to explain that he thinks that a) there’s gonna be a GN’R reunion and b) he will be a part of said GN’R reunion? He wasn’t asked to be in Velvet Revolver, after all.

That would explain the bitterness he expressed towards Matt Sorum in a recent interview. To wit:

  • He claims that Sorum “took over my life, practically. Everything I worked for, Slash and the guys just gave to him.”
  • He says that Sorum deserves none of the credit for South American crowds’ ecstatic reaction to GN’R in its heyday: “The crowd wasn’t excited about seeing [Sorum] — it was they were excited about still seeing Slash and Duff and Izzy and Axl performing. He was just in the background.” Adler isn’t clear how, if he had been the drummer, he would have been any less “in the background.”
  • He blames Sorum and Scott Weiland for Slash’s refusal to play at the recent Appetite for Destruction anniversary gig he did with Duff and Izzy: “Matt Sorum and that other guy, that singer, that Scott Weiland guy — that’s why Slash didn’t come up and play, because they kept calling him and being all upset, like, ‘What are you doing here?’ Like little babies, little kids.” Never mind Slash’s claim that he didn’t play because he didn’t want to mislead people that there might be a GN’R reunion – no no, it was the evil Sorum and Weiland who kept Slash from participating.

Seriously, Adler has gone from kinda sad to just really, really annoying. Matt Sorum obviously did not “take his life” so much as he took what was, at the time, one of the most coveted gigs in rock music – a gig that someone was going to have to take in light of Adler being a junkie who was barely capable of walking, let alone playing drums. And are we really supposed to believe he doesn’t know who “that Scott Weiland guy” is? Gimme a fuckin’ break.

What Adler needs to do, if we may be so bold as to make a suggestion, is take a page from the Michael Anthony playbook and learn to be gracious about being fired from GN’R; I know that’s a tall order, but with practically everyone in the world right now taking Anthony’s side in the split with the Van Halen brothers and Adler little more than a punchline, it would do him some good to learn not to shoot his mouth off in the press. ‘Cause if there ever is a GN’R reunion, one thing is for sure – without fan sympathy on his side, no one is gonna care if Adler is on the kit anymore than they did in ’91 when Sorum took his spot. And then we’ll have to hear him bitch for another sixteen years.


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