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THIS IS HOW RUMORS GET STARTED: ANTHRAX & WHITFIELD CRANEBack in June, I wrote an editorial suggesting that Whitfield Crane would make a great candidate to fill the vacant vocalist slot in Anthrax. The editorial was in no way based on any facts or “inside info” about the situation, nor did it claim to be.

And yet, shortly thereafter, some twit asserted on Crane’s Wikipedia page that “Crane is one of a few candidates possible to be the lead singer of the New York thrash metal band Anthrax.” Which is further proof that you should never, ever, under any circumstances, trust Wikipedia. Because this was never a real story – it was just me jackin’ off, saying “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if Whit Crane joined Anthrax?”

Well, now poor Mr. Crane has to address this ridiculous rumor in interviews like the one he just did with The Classic Metal Show [via Blabbermouth]:

The Classic Metal Show: You are obviously out on tour right now with ANOTHER ANIMAL. Is this your warmup for taking the gig in ANTHRAX?

Crane: “Ha! These are my first interviews I’ve ever, ever done. I did one before this one. The guy before said there’s this thing called Wikipedia out there that says that I’m the ANTHRAX singer.”

The Classic Metal Show: It was out there on (the internet) that you did have the gig, then you didn’t have the gig, then Corey Taylor had the gig. So we’re just curious.

Crane: “Well, I’ll tell you. I’m in a band with Scott Ian called HOSSIE DC, which is a tribute to AC/DC’s Bon Scott era, but we dress up like Hassitic Jews. So they might have gotten that mixed up. We play in New York about two times a year. Scott’s one of my closest friends, but I think I would know if I was in the band. I can categorically say that, as of yet, I am not in ANTHRAX.”

The Classic Metal Show: Would you consider being in ANTHRAX?

Crane: “I don’t think so. I think I’ve got my band, for now. I think it’s my destination.”

I don’t know if I believe Crane that he wouldn’t join the ‘Thrax – after all, Another Animal can only last so long before three of its members have to go back to their day jobs in Godsmack – but I do owe him an apology. I apologize that so many bone heads can’t tell the difference between an editorial and a news story, and I apologize that because of something I wrote, you now have to answer stupid Anthrax questions.

Still… maybe you should give Scott Ian a call…?


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