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Variety published the following report this morning:

“MTV Networks is launching a major multiplatform initiative tied to music lyrics — just as publishers step up their efforts to thwart websites that illegally offer up the words to songs.

“Key to the effort is a plan to begin offering extensive lyric search capabilities on the websites of all three major MTV music brands — MTV, VH1 and CMT…

“…Company has pacted with Gracenote, which has rights deals in place with most major publishers.

“MTV Nets wouldn’t discuss financial specifics, but this much is clear: Publishers will be compensated when consumers call up their lyrics, something that doesn’t happen with the scores of unauthorized sites.”

I understand the need to copyright lyrics so that not just anyone can use them (although if, say, Lamb of God suddenly started using Slayer lyrics with new melodies, it’s hard for me to imagine that fans wouldn’t notice and just get pissed about it on their own); and in theory, I suppose I see why said lyrics shouldn’t be re-printed without permission.

On second thought, I don’t.

I’m sorry. I just don’t see what the big fucking deal is about some website re-printing a band’s lyrics. Most of the time these lyrics get posted by fans so other fans can read them and have some deeper understanding of the songs they love. Is the RIAA trying to assert that musicians and record labels are losing millions of dollars every year on illegal lyric printing? Because that just sounds like an argument that a retard would make. Not even, like, a cute retard; one of those retards that needs to be taken out back and shot.

Seriously. Someone smarter than me explain this to me, because it sounds like Viacom just figured out another way to make some moolah, and if making that moolah involves prosecuting some customers, well, then, can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs, right?


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