I was really bummed out to learn that French grindcore band Ghoulunatics have broken up in light of their lead singer’s decision to quit the band – until I realized I was confusing them with Ghoul, the super great, super theatrical deathrash band that may or may not actually be from Romania. That’s not to say that Ghoulunatics aren’t a good band – I guess they’re alright – but, dude, come on: you gotta love fuckin’ Ghoul.

Anyway, this seems like a pretty good excuse to post some Ghoul and Ghoulunatics videos, so here ya go: after the jump, watch “Monstrueusement Votre” (which I think translates to “Your Monster” – my French is pretty rusty) from Ghouluantics, and a live video of Ghoul performing “Mutant Mutilator” at Maryland Deathfest earlier this year (they’ve never made a proper video, natch). I hope you enjoy at least one of these videos, and if you don’t – well, fuck you. Get your own website.

Ghoulunatics,  “Monstrueusement Votre”
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Ghoul, “Mutant Mutilator” Live at Maryland Deathfest ’07
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