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Before I go any further, I need to admit right off the bat that I have never played any of the Guitar Hero games. So while I am offering up my preconceived notions for attack and debate, please let it be known that I am well aware that these opinions are preconceived, and I am considering this my “before” post. If and when I do ever play Geettaar Hero 1, 2, or 3, I pledge to write an “after” post that honestly outlines my excitement or yawns, my expertise or ineptitude…

That said, I have to ask as one of the uninitiated, what’s the big fucking deal??? You play guitar…with a controller that has four buttons? Okay, sure — if I was not a musically inclined lad with a strong understanding of how the fretboard of a guitar works, I have to imagine that I would be overjoyed to feel like I was “rocking out” via any means necessary. But I have rocked out, for real, and I strongly suspect that that sensation cannot be recreated through a frickin video game.

guitar hero

I respect that I could be wrong — I’ve been wrong before, once, in the mid 90s, and I gladly recognized it then too. I’m totally open to being convinced otherwise, but I guess until I experience Guitar Hero for myself, I’m stuck thinking that it’s kinda silly.

Although I’m definitely a fan of that commercial where Slash comes out of the dude’s head. The power of the non-non-Jewish former members of G N’ R is infinite.


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