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megadeth - rust in peaceThis opening track to Rust In Peace (and the entire subsequent album) is truly kick-ass. I’m not huge into Megadeth, but the songs on this record make me long for more intelligent thrashy metal. (Any suggestions?)

And so therefore I’m quite thankful that Dave Mustaine got his pasty ass kicked out of Metallica — it was worth it, if only for Rust In Peace. Doesn’t this album make you wanna fuck shit up?

It stands to reason that the songwriting/playing on this album is so damn tight due to Dave getting sober for the first time in ten years. And what brought on the healthy change in lifestyle? Mr. Mustaine got arrested in the summer of ’89 for intoxicated driving and possession of narcotics after slamming into a parked car occupied by an off-duty police officer. Talk about a wakeup call…

And yes, I know that this song is not so stony per se, but it’s a good one to get stoned to. You can put on Pink Floyd afterwards.

Now go get to lootin’!!


MEGADETH – “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”, from Rust In Peace (1990)

BONUS QUESTION: Which Megadeth song features an audio sample of a U.S. President’s famous speech, and can you name another song (from any genre) that features a sample of that same President’s son?

dave mustaine
My name is Dave, and I’m sick of being sober!

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