baz.jpgIf you visit Sebastian Bach’s MySpace page – yeah, the one where he identifies “screamo” as one of the genres in which he works – pretty much the first thing you’ll see is that pic on your right of Baz in his Skid Row days staring back at you. And if you’ve ever seen his solo act live, you won’t be surprised to know that he ends every gig with “Youth Gone Wild,” even though he hasn’t been a “youth” since… who the fuck knows when.

So I was more than a little surprised to see the following transcript of an interview the former Skid Row front man did with Texas radio station 93.3 The Bone on Blabbermouth this morning…

Cindy: It’s been eight years [since you released your last solo album]. Why the wait? What have you been doing? I know you’ve been acting and stuff. Did you take a break from music on purpose or did you not wanna release a solo album…?

Sebastian: It’s just like you… You just said to me that you’ve been playing my music for 20 years, and I walk in, and you’ve got a big SKID ROW poster in my face. It’s like, I’m aware of 20 years ago. And then you ask me why I spend so long making it… It’s like, I’ve gotta compete with this crap.

Robert: So, not big on SKID ROW then? Not into it still, huh?

Sebastian: Dude, why… Do you hang out with the guys you hung out with in ’89?

Robert: Some of them, yeah.

Sebastian: I don’t, so… That’s you, that’s me. It was a long time ago. I’m just really tired of it.

Robert: So you’re tired of people associating you with a multi-platinum artist…?

Sebastian: No, I’m just tired of talking about the old days. It’s, like, boring to me.

Robert: First of all, you brought it up, though. You brought it up.

Sebastian: No, you brought it up with this right here [apparently slaps the SKID ROW poster that’s hanging on the wall].

Robert: I didn’t do that. But first of all… That band sold a lot of records. That was an album I bought on cassette for $7.99 at Sound Warehouse in Irving, Texas.

Sebastian: That’s great. That’s cool. I did this interview 20 years ago, though, in this town. [Laughs]

Robert: Well, we haven’t even started the interview yet and you’re already bagging on the band.

Sebastian: No, I’m not. I’m just over it, dude. Whatever… I don’t know what to tell you.

Seriously, dude? I’m sure Slash and Duff McKagan are tired of getting asked GN’R questions all the time – in fact, I know they are – but you never see them blow up at reporters for asking Guns-related questions, because, fact is, from now until the end the time, they’re gonna primarily be recognized as founding members of Guns. I’m sure the same thing goes for Paul McCartney and The Beatles, Jason Newstead and Metallica, Marty Friedman and Megadeth… you get the idea. Don’t blow up at the reporter just because your shitty new album won’t allow you to climb out from under your past, fuckhead. This is like those stories you used to hear about Baz throwing people out of meet and greets because they were wearing Metal Sludge t-shirts. What a fucking egotistical loser.

And for the record, dude, Vince and I have been friends since we were all of five. The reason you don’t still hang out with the same people you did in ’89 isn’t because you’ve “moved on,” it’s because you’ve fucking alienated everyone by being a whiny little bitch. And take that fucking ridiculous photo off your MySpace page, shit for brains.*

You can download the audio of this scumfuck losing his shit here.


*I swear to fucking God, if one person comments some variation on “Baz doesn’t run his own MySpace page,” I’m gonna lose my temper faster than Bach after being asked a question about Skid Row. No shit he doesn’t run his own MySpace page, but I bet he has some say it in it, right? What do you think it would take, one phone call from him to have that ridiculous photo removed? Or do we think the dude has never even bothered to look at the thing?

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