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gigantour.jpgI’ve been away and kind of out of the loop, so I apologize that this is kind of old news, but the line-up for the 2008 edition of Gigantour (a.k.a. Megadethfest) has been announed, and besides the ‘Deth, it will feature In Flames, Children of Bodom, Job for a Cowboy, and High on Fire. Yes, you read that right: Job for a Cowboy are going on after High on Fire.

So: you may notice that this is a smaller Gigantour line-up than usual, which Mustaine explains, in a statement, as being “based on timing, set lengths, stage sizes, unions, and most importantly allowing ‘us’ — the musicians — to deliver to ‘you’ — the fans — the best shows we can.” I think that actually means that he just wanted to share the pot with fewer people, which is perfectly reasonable, but really, calling it “Gigantour” is now officially just a form of false advertising. I mean, this tour was never as big as Ozzfest, but now it’s only as big as Summer Sanitarium*. At least Limp Bizkit aren’t playing.

ANYWAY, my only real concern about this line-up is that I’m not convinced modern day Megadeth can follow In Flames, who have been really on their shit live pretty much every time I’ve ever seen them. Then again, last year Mustaine put out an album I actually listened to more than once, so I guess anything is possible.


*And by “big,” I mean in the sense that both tours have the same number of bands – not that both tours will play the same sized venues. ‘Cause they won’t. ‘Cause Metallica are bigger than Megadeth. A LOT bigger than Megadeth. Dave Mustaine cries about it sometimes. Seriously! They have footage of him weeping in Some Kind of Monster. Check it out sometime, it’s pretty rad.

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