• Axl Rosenberg

twiggy.jpgWhat did you expect Jeordie White to do? With A Perfect Circle disbanded and Trent Reznor announcing that his most recent line-up of NIN is a thing of the past, the man’s in some serious need of a paycheck.

So it shouldn’t be too shocking that the artist formerly known as Twiggy Ramirez is now the artist once again known as Twiggy Ramirez and has rejoined Marilyn Manson. This is roughly akin to Slash re-joining GN’R, except less people will give a fuck.

ANYWAY, Blabbermouth very cleverly dug up this old quote from White/Ramirez from a few years back:

“I miss it sometimes. There’s a lot of parts of my life that I like so much better now. One of the reasons I’m not in [Marilyn Manson] anymore is that I started to feel a little ridiculous. . . . The time period I was in that band I meant it, all the theatrics onstage, all the characters, so to speak, without sounding too stupid or pretentious. The Twiggy Ramirez character was real. And then it began to start to feel like Gene Simmons or something. ‘Oh, I gotta put my dress on to go play.’ If I were to do that again I probably wouldn’t be that same person. I wouldn’t just do the Kiss reunion and throw the dress on and smear my makeup and start doing a bunch of drugs.”

So I guess the only way that White/Ramirez can avoid making this look like a cash grab is if he, uh, I dunno, doesn’t wear a dress on stage?

Meanwhile, I’m not even clear what instrument Jeordie/Twiggy will be playing onstage. His replacement, Tim Skold*, eventually took over guitar duties for the band, but now he’s out of the picture too (although his split was allegedly “amicable” and “future collaborations aren’t being ruled out” between him and the band). Rob Holliday, who has been playing bass for the band, is still in the fold, and Jeordiggy is also a guitar player, so maybe he’s playing guitar?

Meanwhile, former drummer Ginger Fish is apparently also back in the band, and Chris Vrenna, another NIN alum, had been playing drums for Manson but now is apparently going to fill the keyboard slot left open by Madonna Wayne Gacy.

Jesus fucking Christ, that is all ridiculously confusing.


*Since I’m a fan of both Skold and White, and since they wrote pretty much all the band’s songs during their respective times in the band, what I really would have liked to see was a Manson line-up with both musicians. It’s also kind of funny that it took Skold’s presence to get Manson to make a straight forward rock record (as opposed to something industrial), which, as I understand it, is what what White always wanted to do, anyways.

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