I somehow missed this story until I was browsing Metal Injection last night, but there’s been another twist in the saga that is the young band Abigail Williams. A statement on the band’s MySpace blog reads as follows:

“We’re currently working through the pre-production stage of our yet-to-be-titled full-length album due out through Candlelight Records later this year. James Murphy (Daath, Resurrection, Rise) will be producing the effort set to be tracked this Feb/March in Florida. We’re excited to announce that the drumming on this album will be handled by the legendary Trym (Emperor, Zyklon). Our previous drummer, Zach Gibson, has recently parted ways with the band and we wish him the best of luck in the future. The current lineup also features the return of original keyboard player, Ellyllon. A new pre-production demo titled ‘Floods’ has been posted on our page, which features Zach Gibson on drums, but will be re-recorded by Trym on the actual full-length release. Let us know what you think!”

So, to review: in the last year, Abigail Williams have released an EP, made plans to record an LP with James Murphy, broken up, re-formed without Ellyllon (pictured above), lost their drummer, gotten Ellyllon back, and are now right back at square one, trying to recored an LP with James Murphy. Sheesh.

Anyway, hit up the band’s MySpace page if you wanna hear the new track. Hopefully a semi-solidified line-up of Abigail Williams will release a debut full length sometime before 2010.


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