Dream Theater’s 2007 release Systematic Chaos was another solid notch in the band’s belt, though not necessarily their best work. Nevertheless, Dream Theater videos have become such a rarity over the past 10 years that it’s always exciting when one actually comes out, even if it’s an anime video that doesn’t feature the band at all. John Petrucci wrote a lengthy diatribe for Headbanger’s Blog about the band’s new video for “Forsaken”:

“The song ‘Forsaken’ is essentially a vampire story based on an early 1800’s short story by a well known Russian novelist,” writes Petrucci. “It centers on the main character Leo, who is visited nightly by a phantom named Alice. He is both intrigued and horrified by this ghost like image of a woman whom seems hauntingly familiar to him. Her seduction entails nightly mesmerizing journeys into the dark past where she floats through the skies weightlessly along with Leo visiting such places as Paris and ancient Rome. All the while she repeats the words, ‘I have come for you’ and ‘You are mine.’ “So captivated is Leo that he doesn’t even feel the sting of her vampire kiss and his body slowly gives itself up to the phantom as the story goes on.”

“In the anime video created for the song, the director chose to give the lyric a futuristic twist, and play with the storyline a bit. Now, our main character is visited by a demon like harvester of human blood. Her purpose is to supply otherwise lifeless mannequins with this blood so that they may live and reenact some of the darkest moments in history.”

Woah. You can read the rest at Headbanger’s Blog. Here’s the video.


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