30778.jpgY’know how some married couples have to spice things up in the bed room to keep their sex lives interesting? I think that Eluveitie are like In Flames if In Flames decided they needed to spice things up in the bed room by adding a fiddler, a flautist, and a hurdy gurdy player (hurdy gurdiest?). In other words: Eluveities are like In Flames, but sexier, baby.

Seriously, their new album, Slania, is the tits, and hearing how well it came out only makes my dick that much harder for this spring’s Paganfest USA tour, which will feature not only Eluveitie but Turisas, Ensiferum and Tyr as well. The disc doesn’t drop until next week, but the band is streaming the entire thing on their MySpace page now.

Listen to it – you won’t be sorry – and then check out a complete itinerary of Paganfest USA tour dates after the jump.

25 Apr 2008 The Opera House Toronto, ON – CANADA
26 Apr 2008 Medley Montreal, QC – CANADA
27 Apr 2008 The Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts
28 Apr 2008 Jaxx Springfield, Virginia
29 Apr 2008 Peabody’s Down Under Cleveland, Ohio
30 Apr 2008 Harpo’s Detroit, Michigan
1 May 2008 Chicago Powerfest (Pearl Room) Mokena, Illinois
2 May 2008 Station 4 St. Paul, Minnesota
3 May 2008 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Denver, Colorado
5 May 2008 Studio Seven Seattle, Washington
6 May 2008 Hawthorne Theater Portland, Oregon
7 May 2008 The Boardwalk Sacramento, California
8 May 2008 House of Blues Hollywood, California
9 May 2008 Fat City San Francisco, California
10 May 2008 The Vault Long Beach, California
11 May 2008 The Cell Block Phoenix, Arizona
12 May 2008 Chics El Paso, Texas
13 May 2008 The Launchpad Alburquerque, New Mexico
14 May 2008 Crush Lounge Tulsa, Oklahoma
15 May 2008 Ridglea Theater Fort Worth, Texas
16 May 2008 The White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
17 May 2008 Java Jazz Houston, Texas
19 May 2008 The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
20 May 2008 Volume 11 Raleigh, North Carolina
21 May 2008 Crocodile Rock Allentown, Pennsylvania
22 May 2008 BB Kings Blues Club New York, New York


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