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Didn’t the new Atreyu album come out, like, yesterday? I mean, it’s bad enough when Roadrunner puts out an “expanded” version of an album twelve to eighteen months after that album’s original release*, but Hollywood Records will release a new edition of Lead Sails, Paper Anchor on March 18 – just about six months after the album first hit shelves. Hyper-articulate front man Alex Varkatzas explained in an interview:

“We just really want to, you know, write a really cool song as part of the expanded edition of the CD, and we’re gonna do some cool, like, DVD view segments, whatever that means, and enhance up the CD, stuff like that.”

“Whatever that means?” Is he serious? What the fuck does he think it means? And don’t even get me started on his casual admission that this new song wasn’t part of the original recording sessions for the album; I guess too many people have already heard the iTunes-only massacre of Faith No More’s “Epic” to include it on this new edition (And if you think that’s bad, watch the above video of Varkatzas trying to sing his way through “Ex’s and Oh’s,” usually one of Atreyu’s better songs, on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of years back. No wonder the fucker is so reliant on auto-tune in the studio).

Oh, well. I guess you can’t blame Hollywood for trying to yank as much cash out of the band’s hardcore fans’ wallets as possible: after the rest of the world found out the album was a dud artistically, the the thing turned into a dud financially.


*I’m waiting on my special edition of United Abominations with a re-recording of “Holy Wars” as a duet between Mustaine and Matt Heafy, dudes. Get on that.

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