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NIN deluxe ghosts package“We have SOLD OUT of the 2500 Limited Edition Packages.” reads the order page at Still wondering if the economic model Reznor is employing for the release of Ghosts will make Trent money? Do the math. $300 X 2,500 = $750,000. Woah. That’s in just 2 days, and doesn’t even include sales of the $70 and $10 editions of the album. And it’s all profit; a grand total of $0 was spent on marketing this record; Reznor announced it solely on his blog.

The $300 “Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition” includes audio CDs, DVDs with the multi-tracks for all the music, a 48-page hardcover book of photos, 180-gram vinyl signed by Reznor, and several other awesome goodies.

While money was spent on the manufacturing of the product, shipping it, and web development of the store, that money pales in comparison to the traditional major label marketing model. Trent is going to be making quite a nice chunk of change on this endeavor.

So is there a future for the sale of recorded music? Did this economic model work? You tell me.


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