“Perfect Insanity” — the first single from the new Disturbed album Indestructible, out June 3 — has leaked. If you have Google and a brain you can surely find an mp3, or you can head over to the official Disturbed website, give them your email address, then rip it. Or you can listen via this little handy-dandy player below, streamed directly from their site (see? we’re not pirates):

Disturbed – “Perfect Insanity”

You guys really came up with some great names when we asked you what the new nickname for Disturbed should be. My personal favorites were Briss-turbed (In honor of Draiman’s religious penis decapitation), Pissturbed, Pissturd, and devil’s entry “I’m hoping to eventually call them DISSOLVED,” (good one!).

As for the new song, well, Disturbed have gone and pulled a Linkin Park and re-wrote the same song, again. Truth be told, the song (or this band) isn’t that terrible, but they’re an easy target and we sure love making fun of ’em.


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