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Trent ReznorYesterday at 5:44pm PDT the mercurial Trent Reznor posted the following message on the official Nine Inch Nails blog:

“2 weeks!”

The last time Trent posted the same exact message (on Feb. 20th), two weeks later we got the surprise announcement that his new records Ghosts was available at that very instant, sending shockwaves around the Internet and the music industry for his untraditional marketing techniques. Two days after that, Reznor had a cool $1.6 million in his pocket.

So what will happen two weeks from yesterday? Too soon for another NIN album? Probably so, but you never know. More likely there will be a massive tour announcement, complete with the newly rejoined Robin Finck. Or the rumored new website / fansite / web experience. Or any number of other possibilities 712 commenters cared to chime in on.

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