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Overkill DVDSince you are here at MetalSucks you obviously know who Overkill are and you should know what Wacken is. If not, go do your homework elsewhere. For everyone else on board, here’s my Old Fart take on the Overkill: Live at Wacken Open Air 2007 DVD:

Rent it, don’t buy it – unless you are an Overkill completist.

This 10-song, 50-minute set is the no-frills, middle-aged Overkill experience. And that’s a damn good thing. Just not worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Originally packaged with the European release of 2007’s full-length Immortalis, O:[email protected] was recently released on American shores as a separate DVD. The set-list, culled from the Thursday night headlining appearance of New Jersey’s premiere thrash icons includes:

– Rotten To The Core
– Elimination
– Necroshine
– Thanx for Nothin’
– Skull and Bones
– In Union We Stand
– Walk Through Fire
– Wrecking Crew
– Old School
– Fuck You

The first thing you notice is Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth looks incredible. The vibrant frontman, who suffered a minor stroke in 2002 (just three years after he beat cancer), looks more cut than most men half his age. His on-stage energy and vocal prowess match his physical appearance – sharp, angular, and full of ass-kickery.

The rest of the band, however, looks like most of us on the wrong side of 40 – expanding mid-sections, shiny bald pates, and graying temples. This does not stop them from conjuring up a torrent of sonic torment.

Love or dislike of Overkill is usually based on the listener’s opinion of Blitz. Many people are not fans of his higher-pitched screech. His style has always worked for me, mainly because it let’s me know what a thrash band fronted by Bon Scott would sound like.

The few drawbacks involve the usual nonsense: spinning cameras, ultra-insane zoom speeds, and the unfortunate misfire that is the “BlitzCam,” operated by Ellsworth himself. Looks like someone forgot to tell the light man you need to crank up the spots on the audience at night if you actually want to see them on screen.

O:[email protected] is good for a one-time viewing on your widescreen plasma. I cannot, however, justify paying the $12.99 list price for a no-frills, no extras, no commentary DVD.

Netflix it…

– CM

metal hornsmetal hornsmetal horns

(three out of five horns)

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