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From the “Gee I wish I’d written this” files: Madonna apparently played a snippet of Pantera’s “A New Level” at a recent concert (video above), and some Blabberbrats have their panties in a twist over it. Rob at Metal Injection reports:

“…much like with Fall Out Boy covering Pantera, some Pantera fans are not pleased (or intelligent). Here’s what some loyal Cowboys From Hell are saying over at Blabbermouth:

anybody who thinks this is cool should never ever post a negative post about any of the bands from the 80’s again!the fact that the she is holding a guitar does not make her a rocker and just because it happens to be a pantera riff does not make it a tribute or cool. she belongs in the dance hall of fame not the rock and roll hall. I did not even watch this garbage but more than likely she is lip syching like everything else. the people praising her for this are the same ones who trashed nickelback for making a real dime tribute song and they used his solo on the track.just another pub. stunt by this overrated attention whore.

Actually, the fact that she played the riff does make it a tribute. Thats actually exactly what it was. Why are you commenting on something you didn’t even bother watching? I’ve never trashed Nickelback for making a Dime tribute, I trash them cause they absolutely blow.”

I hate Madonna as much the next guy, but seriously, some of these comments are pretty ridiculous.

Head over to Metal Injection for the rest of their awesome commentary on these events; then weigh in on the righteousness, or lack thereof, of Madonna’s cover below.


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