I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about this band Whitechapel lately. I haven’t really heard any of their music, though – at least, not enough to really make any kind of judgement. I like the group’s name, though. Semi-clever serial killer references are always cool in my book.

Here’s David Brodsky’s video for the band’s title track from This is Exile, which will drop on Metal Blade on July 8. Two things I’m really digging about this video: i) it appears to have been filmed in Ted Bundy’s basement, and ii) the use of the color green… I mean, that particular shade, especially when contrasted with the corpse-white shade of the band members, the whole thing just looks so… diseased.

Anyways, Whitechapel are on the Summer Slaughter tour, so I’ll get to check them out next week.


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