There’s a phenomenon I’ve seen cropping up in the last several months in which band members directly address trash-talkers who post in the comments section below news posts on Blabbermouth. More than ever I feel like I’m seeing headlines in which band members respond to what the Blabberbrats are saying about them, either directly via a blog post or indirectly in an interview by a third party (case in point, this one that popped up this morning in which Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho said “I’m so not into the whole Blabbermouth bullshit”). Of course, these articles inevitably generate more flames and the cycle repeats itself, devolving into something of a metal tabloid.

What up with that?

I think anyone who reads MetalSucks can agree that Blabbermouth commenters are the absolute lowest common denominator metal fan (well, except maybe for Lambgoat commenters) and are the archetypal metal stereotype. Why would bands stoop to this level? It just adds fire to the flames. When band members visit MetalSucks and respond to our articles (most recently from The Absence and The Destro about their tour cancellation, and of course Dallas Coyle) it’s to engage in an intelligent discussion about the issue at hand, not to respond “MESHUGGAHHH!” and “THIS BAND R FAGGOTS!” claims. But I feel that when it comes to commenters on Blabbermouth, bands just shouldn’t bother. The best way for them to deal with the haters is perhaps not to deal with them at all.

By the way, before you punters come out in droves, I fully realize that by writing this piece I am myself responding to Blabbermouth commenters. This irony is not lost on me. Eat a dick, u faggot poserz. MESHUGGAH!!!


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